December 29, 2017

If you know me, you know I am a ‘Real Housewives’ junkie and who else to be one of my favorites, but Gretchen Rossi of the Real Housewives of Orange County? She has her own makeup line called Gretchen Christine, she is stunningly beautiful, tells it like it is, and keeps us laughing. Gretchen has some great pointers for us, tells us a bit about what keeps her looking so fantastic and breaks down her daily routine.

Jennifer Kinford: What did you find was the hardest part of creating your own makeup line? Any advice for women out there who have a dream to start their own company?

Gretchen Rossi: Hardest part was all of it! Nothing that I ever thought was going to be easy was unfortunately. No matter what way you slice it starting your own company is extremely difficult and a huge commitment. However I have always had a dream of being in the beauty and fashion spaces and I was determined to make that happen, so that kept me going when things seemed so overwhelming and hard. I kept my eye on the goal and the end result, which was to create an amazing and quality make-up line that was affordable for the everyday woman! The best advice I can give is if you will you regret “not just going for it” one day, then you have to just go for it! Whatever that dream might be when you are age 90 and looking back will you regret not going after that dream. At that age nothing else matters except looking back at your life and being proud, happy, and fulfilled with your life. If you dream is to be a mother, or a wife, or have your own business, you have to just decide to go after that dream at some point. Even if you fail, at least you will never question what if? Don’t let any bank, any person, or the bullies that are fearful to go after their own dreams so they have nothing better to do than attack yours, deter you. Educate yourself in the space, find the right people, join network groups, follow your mentors, read their books etc. Just get educated as best you can and have a business plan in place. If you don’t know how to create one, then hire a professional to help you develop one and get help from the internet. In this day and age you have so many resources at your fingertips.

JK: What is your morning and/or evening beauty routine?

Gretchen: I use a great line called PCA that my make-up artist turned me onto. It does have quite a few steps but it depends what is going on with your skin. Since I live in Southern California I have a lot of pigment in my skin and so I use all the products to help fight pigmentation. I’ve just fallen in love with it. For as much as I travel for work I have found it to keep my skin in great condition, moisturized and healthy looking.

JK: What has been the most challenging part of marketing your makeup line, Gretchen Christine?

Gretchen: Honestly I have been very lucky because of the show. I have orders every single day and very loyal customers, but when you have good quality product you don’t have to market that much because the customers do it for you, by referrals and word of mouth. However I am selling exclusively on-line right now and want to move into distribution and start to get written up in the beauty magazines. That is a whole other beast that can be very expensive.

JK: What is your favorite product from your Gretchen Christine line and why?

Gretchen: Shoot! I CANNOT pick one! I have way to many pieces that I love. However, I will tell you that I never go out of the house anymore without my anti-aging foundation on, my Titilate Lip Plumper, Attract or Stare blush, and my curling lash Mascara! However I love my Golden Girl eye color Palette and which is a great piece to go from day to night! See, I can’t just name one. I have so many products I just absolutely love!

JK: We all have our own techniques that work for us, what is your favorite application secret that may be a little odd?

Gretchen: I apply my false lashes with tweezers instead of my fingers. I actually have a “how-to” video listed on my website for all those gals out there that always get so frustrated with putting eyelashes on! My ‘Celebrity’ lashes in my line are my favorite ones and really makes my eyes pop!

JK: Who, on your show Real Housewives of Orange County, do you most think wears stunning makeup?

Gretchen: I think we all do a great job with our make-up and look as best as we can because we are on camera! I get so many e-mails/twitter messages about my make-up, what I am wearing and how I do it. So I’m in the works of some video tutorials of “how-to” get the Gretchen Christine look, and also I have some publishers talking to me about doing a book about all my beauty tips and tricks. I’m just so flattered that people come to me to ask for advice!

JK: If you had to run out of the house and only grab one makeup product, what would it be? (Gretchen Christine or another line)

Gretchen: I could not do it! But I would say a foundation with a sunscreen so at least I feel like my skin looks like it has some color on it, and is protected! I don’t tan my face, I match my foundation to my tan, so without foundation I look like so white on my face compared to my body haha. Slade makes fun of me all the time! (Also, I only do airbrush tanning with my own GC solution, no tanning beds for me any longer!)

JK: What is your favorite skincare product/line and how do you keep you skin so beautiful?

Gretchen: I just started using PCA a few months back and I really like it! It keeps my skin so balanced and moisturized without being too heavy. I hate heavy moisturizers because they clog my pores and I can break out from them.

JK: As a makeup artist, I often feel like I cannot be seen without makeup. Do you feel pressured to wear makeup constantly because you have started your own makeup line?

Gretchen: Yes!!!! However I think I am more concerned about a picture being taking and ending up in the magazine that says “stars without their make-up” and then they vote that you look horrible! Hehe! However, I am bad because I find myself going out a lot without make-up on and forgetting that fans might want to take pics when they see me out. Then they post it on Facebook or Twitter! So now-a-days I try to put something on so I have a little color on my face! A little foundation, blush, lip gloss, and mascara.

JK: It must have been intimidating to enter an industry, like cosmetics, when there are so many powerhouse companies to compete against. What was your fuel to stay confident and press on?

Gretchen: The good news is that I wasn’t trying to compete with the powerhouses when I first started my company. I just knew I loved make-up and I loved to design/create new colors, palettes and ideas. This was a way I could bring quality, affordable, feel good make-up to the everyday woman! I knew once the women started to use and love the make-up, the rest would fall into place, which it has! We have some big things in store for the Gretchen Christine line, and I can only hope one day I will be one of those powerhouses! With a lot of hard work I don’t doubt we will be!

I want to say Thank You to Gretchen Rossi for working with me. I am a huge fan and this was an incredible experience. Please remember head over to to check out Gretchen’s fantastic products, including her cosmetics!



Article originally posted, by Jennifer, on

DECEMBER 29, 2017