Wedding- Ondria S- South Salem, NY

Makeup by Jennifer K of J.Kinford Beauty Group.

Photography by Tesora Photography

When I was introduced to Ondria by a previous bride, I knew immediately that she was a laid back and lovely client. If there is an opposite of Bridezilla, Ondria is it! The whole process was enjoyable and lovely. On the wedding day, her family was so warm and welcoming, her photographer was so pleasant and easy to chat with, they had a space set up just for me, it was an awesome morning! I couldn't say enough beautiful things- until I saw the photos by the amazing Carolyn at Tesora Photography. The love and ease that exists in these images is awe inspiring.... uplifting, joyful and peaceful.

Thank you Ondria for picking me to work with you, it was truly my honor!

Jennifer Kinford