Vendor Spotlight- Enza Events- Ridgefield CT


JKBG: What are your best pointers for someone who is deciding upon an Event Decorator?

Enza: There is a world of difference between a florist and and an event decorator. An Event Decorator is solely dedicated to designing an event without being distracted by the day to day duties of a florist. 



JKBG: What are some of the biggest mistakes you have seen, or do see, people making when picking their Event Decorator?

Enza: The biggest mistakes we’ve seen are having unrealistic exceptions of what your budget can afford you. We work with our clients to get them the biggest look while staying within budget. In order to do so we need to have a little free reign of whats going to work and whats not.



JKBG: What makes Enza Events unique and why are you different from other Event Decorators?

Enza: We limit the amount of events we take in on a given day to ensure the attention to detail that our clients deserve and expect. Collaborating and working closely with our clients is so important to us and what  really makes each and every event so special & unique.



JKBG: What are some of your favorite details for clients to incorporate into a wedding day?

Enza: A wedding should be a reflection of that couple, incorporating their style, personality and atmosphere they want their guests to experience. Using photos from their engagement, incorporating fun signs, personal mementos from grandma or a loved one…all great things to incorporate into your wedding day.



JKBG: Can you tell us a story about one of your favorite events and why does it resonate with you?

Enza: Well let's see….there was the fabulous wedding at Three Sixty with tables dripping in white florals and candlelit flooding the room, then there was the rustic wedding under a tent with gorgeous farm tables accented by garlands of greens and florals…..honestly i wouldn’t be able to decide lol. Every event is so different and i honestly i am so sad when they’re over:( But in this business it’s always on to the next weekend.


Enza Anastasi Sorbara

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