Wedding- Jess- Interlaken Inn in Lakeville, CT

When you have the most effortlessly chic bride, absolutely stunning flowers, tipis for guests, an incredible wedding planner and greenery galore, you are bound to have a stunning event.

Our bride Jess married her charming groom at The Interlaken Inn in Lakeville, CT. Her wedding planner Nicole at All Who Wander Events did not miss a single detail! These breathtaking flowers by Stems Brooklyn were the perfect colorful accent against the immense greenery and white fabrics. Makeup by Jenny W and hair by Dina, both of J.Kinford Beauty Group. These perfect photos are by, none other than our favorite Jason of Dreamscape Photography.

Thank you, Jess, for entrusting your wedding day beauty with us :)

Wedding- Brianna- Old Lyme, CT

Makeup by Jennifer K of J.Kinford Beauty Group

Hair by Dina of J.Kinford Beauty Group

Photography by Carla Ten Eyck Photography

Brianna is the quintessential easy going, old worldly, elegant bride. Always laughing, always smiling and just going with the flow of her well planned day at The Bee and Thistle Inn in Old Lyme, CT.

When she wanted a flower for her hair, our stylist Dina was practically giddy! The simple burgundy bloom and fresh greenery, matched her bouquet and complimented her stained berry lip perfectly. It was the perfect creation to complement the exquisitely detailed back of her dress.

These photos by Carla of Carla Ten Eyck Photography perfectly capture the elegance of this day and of our beautiful client. Thank you Carla and Brianna for sharing these images with us!

Wedding- Laura- Westbrook, CT

Makeup by Jennifer K & Rebecca T of J.Kinford Beauty Group.

Photography by Joseph's Photography

Working with Laura was, easily, one of the most laid back and pleasant experiences of our year. She knew exactly the approach she wanted and felt totally comfortable in my hands. She wanted natural and for her eyes to stand out. Her wedding day was just as breezy and uplifting as the beautiful beach front property where we spent the morning getting her ready.

With a smile as beautiful and full of pure joy, like Laura's, how could one not fall in love with these beautiful images. Thank you to Joe from Joseph's Photography for sending these our way!

Vendor Spotlight: Sarah Taggart of A Polished Plan
 Image via L'Amour Fou Photography

Image via L'Amour Fou Photography

I had the opportunity to ask one of my favorite wedding planners some questions that many of us wonder when considering event/wedding planning. Sarah Taggart of A Polished Plan is one of the best planners in New England & Connecticut. If you are looking for a uniquely elegant, flawlessly executed and highly personal wedding- Sarah is your gal. Check out our interview below!

JKBG: What are some key points that you discuss with clients prior to deciding if you will work together?

ST: The nitty gritty is quite important and really the first thing we discuss: ideal date, ideal location/venue, guest count, budget.

Then we discuss the vision! I always ask for your perfect world scenario- no budget constraints or venue constraints, what does your event look like and (just as important!) feel like for you and your guests! 

Lastly, I like to hear from a client what they know about working with a planner and if they already have an idea of the support they know they need. This helps me to build the framework to create a planning partnership that works for them! 


 Image via TMB Photos

Image via TMB Photos

 Image via Taylor Dunn Photography

Image via Taylor Dunn Photography

JKBG: What are some things in you field/job that just get you super excited?

ST: The “reveal” when the client sees the whole event come together in person! So much joy and gratitude- it is a wonderful natural high! 

Interesting, unusual, and unique events….I love a client who hands me a challenge! 

The relationships with clients. I so enjoy getting to know each client, it helps me do my job better. 


 Image via Ashley Caroline Photography

Image via Ashley Caroline Photography

JKBG: What is the moments you enjoy most about your job? 

ST: Classic Type A fashion, I love the feeling of productivity when I get things done efficiently and timely for a client and I can literally see (and feel) their pressure, stress, and anxiety melt away! I love feeling helpful and I love, love, love checking things off a to do list! 


 Image via Ali and Julie Photography

Image via Ali and Julie Photography

JKBG: How did you get started in event planning? Is it where you imagined you’d find your career?

ST: I started in event planning as a meeting planner for a conference production company in Boston. I realized how good I was at logistics and planning and on-site management and execution but I missed the creative spark and energy that I thought would come from social event planning. So I left the world of meeting planning to become the event manager at a private country club in Darien, Wee Burn CC. I was there for three years and learned the ins and outs of event planning in a very fast paced environment doing hundreds of events each year! 


 Image via Emily Tebbetts Photography

Image via Emily Tebbetts Photography

JKBG: Can you tell us a story about one of your favorite events and why does it resonate with you?

ST: Ohhh, this is hard! So many good ones!

I have to go way back to my second season in business- back to 2012! The wedding of Whitney & Mark! We transformed a cafeteria at a prep school where her father worked and where she grew up visiting her father at work and going to summer camp there. As far as cafeteria’s are concerned, it was certainly nicer than many I had seen but it was a challenge to make such a big space feel warm and inviting. I really jived with Whitney’s design vision and it was so much fun working with her to transform the space. She took on a lot of creative DIYs that were really fun to execute for her. It turned out so beautifully, guests were shocked when they saw the space, and the bride and groom were thrilled with the results. It was such a fun process! 


 Image via Katie Slater Photography.

Image via Katie Slater Photography.

JKBG: What are some of the biggest mistakes you see couples make when planning their weddings?

ST: Asking too many opinions of family and friends. Too many cooks in the kitchen!!! The noise is deafening and clients loose focus of their vision easily. Not committing to a firm rain plan, even if it means putting a deposit down on a rain plan tent or additional staff or whatever! And then scrambling at the last minute because of it! (a planner’s nightmare!!!!) Taking on too many DIYs. Pick a few that are important to you and hire out (or let go of!) the rest.

A HUGE thank you to Sarah at A Polished Plan for her time on this interview. Please check out A Polished Plan for your exquisite wedding planning here!

Editorial Shoot for Tinsel Tokyo Magazine

Photographer: Michael Cinquino (

Director/DOP/Editor: Stanley Hsu (

MUA: Jennifer Kinford (

Hair Stylist: Alyn Martin (

Model: Amy Row with Major Models, NYC

Wardrobe Stylist: Angelina Scantlebury (

The 5 Minute Face
 Photo by: Nick Stokes. Photo from:

Photo by: Nick Stokes. Photo from:

So you only have 5 minutes to do your makeup? No problem! I will show you what exact products you need and how to apply them. Give yourself 5 minutes to amp up your morning routine and feel fabulous before you take on the day.


The products:

1. Tinted moisturizer or foundation, depending on the level of coverage you need. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Oil-Free (Available at Macy’s or Sephora. Suggested Retail: $42) or Makeup Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation (Available at Sephora or at Makeup Forever Boutique. Suggested Retail: $40) if you need a bit more coverage then a tinted moisturizer gives.

2. Concealer. Chose a concealer that has a peachy/orange or yellow undertones to cover dark circles. Eve Pearl Dual Salmon Concealer & Treatment (Available at Eve Pearl. Suggested Retail: $37)  for under eye and Makeup Forever 5 Camoflage Cream Palette (Available at Sephora or any Makeup Forever Boutique. Suggested Retail: $36) for the face.

3. Cream blush. Tarte Cheek Stain in whatever color you enjoy! I love Blissful or Natural Beauty. Available at Sephora. Suggested Retail: $30.

4. Setting powder. Trish McEvoy Translucent Finishing Powder (Available at Bloomingdales. Suggested retail: $38).

5. An eyeliner to compliment your eye color. Blue eyes: Pick one that has copper/bronze undertones with a slight iridescence like Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes in Pearly Brown 2L or Bronze 10L. Green eyes: pick a brown with a purple undertone like Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes in Shimmering Plum 4L. Brown eyes: Pick a navy/grey shade like M·A·C In The Groove Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Navy Stain. Makeup Forever Liners available at Sephora. Suggested Retail: $18. MAC Liner available at Bloomingdales. Suggested Retail: $15.

6. Lash curler. I recommend Kevyn Aucoin available at Neiman Marcus. Suggested Retail: $21.

7. Waterproof or water resistant mascara. I love Loreal Voluminous available at Target. Suggested Retail: $5.80.


The Steps:

1. Apply tinted moisturizer/foundation to entire face. Use a round stiff brush and apply in a circular motion until blended.

2. Apply concealer under eyes (use the eye concealer for this only), on the sides of your nose, sides of your mouth and cupid’s bow (that area where your lips form a ‘V’ on your top lip). Blend with your ring finger (it applies the perfect amount of pressure).

3. Apply cream blush to cheekbones, lips (yes, lips!) and to your eyelids (with your ring finger, like above). Blend.

4. With a powder brush, apply your chosen setting powder.

5. Run your chosen liner along your upper water line. This is the smooth surface under your upper lashes. This will take some practice! Then extend the liner up into your lash line. With your finger, smudge slightly to buff out the rough line of the liner.

6. Curl lashes by clamping down at the base and then intermittently ‘pump’ down the lash towards the tip.

7. Apply chosen mascara. DONE!

The first few times you do this, it may take more like 10 minutes, but once you are comfortable, you will be able to do it in under 5 minutes- I swear! Enjoy!



Interview with Makeup Artist Troy Jensen
  Image Courtesy of

Image Courtesy of

There is no doubt that when you look at stars like Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, and Elle Macpherson you see beautifully poised women, but what you also see is often the work of famed Makeup Artist Troy Jensen. He has been working in the industry for 26 years and in his words, “I came here with a dream and nothing else. I thank God I ended up how I did.” He tells me the story of how he arrived at his first makeup job with a paper bag full of Revlon products (he still has a soft spot for Revlon) and thought: “What am I doing? I have no business being here.” He knew he had something that set him apart: a love for his craft and the knowledge that he was just genetically programed to make women beautiful with a makeup brush. Based on his portfolio, plethora of magazine covers and high profile clients, the years of hard work and determination are paying off.

To start the interview, I ask Troy what he is currently doing and what he has coming up. He tells me that he is currently on a short lunch break on set and has budgeted this time to speak with me. I get butterflies because it hits me – I am speaking to an incredibly talented man who has reached a level of success I can only dream of. He tells me of his excitement for the entrance of fall because this is the time that Makeup Artists find most of their inspiration and are trying new trends.

“All makeup trends start on the runway, make their way to the red carpet, and are finally solidified by the average consumer – the women wearing them and owning them daily.” 

He tells us of his new adventures coming up: his collaboration with and love of a new brand called Sindulge (, a cruelty free makeup line that has highly pigmented formulas that perform perfectly. Troy will soon be doing tutorials and offering tips with the line, so stay tuned to their site and

“If I could fill my kit with only products that were cruelty free, I would. How great is it to be using products on clients and know that they weren’t produced in undesirable circumstances? Stay tuned because as I discover it, I will share it.” 

One trend Troy is really loving is the Bordeaux lip. Many of us have seen it but are often too intimidated to try it. Troy’s tip to make this deep, sexy color wearable and easy to apply? Your finger! Apply the color with your finger (not from the tube) and smudge it into the lips rather then applying it on top of the lips. Follow with a clear gloss. There is no hard line (read: lip liner) and no worrying about your hair getting caught in the color and smudging it all over your face. Yes, we have all been there. For a look with just one step, swipe on Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss in Black Tie Plum.

Another loved trick of Troy’s is to apply an illuminating product like Benefit’s Whatts Up in specified spots to achieve the look of an inner glow. Apply it down the center of the nose, on the inner corners of the eyes, the cupids bow on the upper lip, just above the cheekbones, along the ridge of the jawline, on the clavicle bone, the shoulders, and down seem of the legs. This can be applied under foundation, on top or both. The effect is glowing skin that doesn’t look shiny or overdone. Troy has filmed a really fun and charismatic video with Benefit for their illuminating products, see it here.

Troy’s most loved makeup technique is something he calls “The Troy Jensen Smokey Flair” which is basically a fool proof way to get a smokey eye with a sex-kitten edge. He breaks down the steps for us:

  1. Curl your lashes.
  2. Line the upper lid with a brown/bronze pencil then smudge it a bit.
  3. Using a dampened small, soft, and narrow brush to apply bronze/brown shimmery shadow over the line.
  4. Use the brush to extend the line to the thickness and length (winged, cat-eye, etc.) you want.
  5. Apply lots of black mascara, at least two coats.
  6. Draw a thin line very close to the lashes with a black liquid liner.
  7. Using your brush, blend it all together.


He tells me of how he has one room in his house dedicated to just makeup, but that it has found its way into each and every other room as well. “It’s in every room of my house! Sometimes I get overwhelmed by it all and think ‘I’m going to get rid of the stuff I don’t use’, but I just cannot part with it. What if I do want to use it? Makeup is like my baby, I am attached” he says. He then talks about how refreshed he feels after a recent return from a two year break:

“I’m starting over, that’s amazing. I’m walking back in with bright eyes and professionalism. Waiting for that opportunity that I can say ‘bam here I am'”.

I think it is pretty safe to say that Troy Jensen has solidified his name in the beauty industry, yet he remains humble, open, eager and passionate about his craft. His humility is shown when I ask him who his favorite celebrity to work with is and he responds with, “I appreciate every face I work on. It’s all rich. Every person brings something special. Some make me laugh, some are sweet, they are all incredible. I am going to be 47 this week (October 6th. Ahem, Twitter: @itstroyjensen and Facebook: troyjensenbeauty, birthday wishes!) and I am still in awe of my job and my clients.

We ask him for some advice for fellow Makeup Artists out there trying to succeed and he says, “Beauty is life. We’re effecting people! Listen to your client and listen to yourself. What you achieve belongs to you and is yours, no one can take it away”.


Please follow Troy on Twitter and ‘like’ him on Facebook! It was a pleasure interviewing such a joyous and kind man. Troy is a true gem and we are honored to have had the opportunity to speak with him.




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Keep It Clean! When to Toss Old Makeup and How to Clean Your Brushes

You may have heard how important it is to clean your makeup brushes, but do you know the importance of cleaning your actual makeup? Not only does your makeup need to be cleaned and sanitized, but all makeup also has an expiration time. If you use makeup beyond its suggested time, you could encounter some undesired outcomes. These time frames are often different and vary, but these are my comfort zones for personal use, not my professional kit!

Suggested time to keep makeup:

  • Mascara: 2-3 months
  • Lipstick: 1 year
  • Lipgloss: 1 year
  • Powder Shadow: 2 years
  • Cream Shadow and Liner: 3-4 months
  • Liquid Foundation: If in a pump: 2 years. If in a bottle that has an open top: 6- 12 months
  • Concealer: 6 months
  • Pencils that can be sharpened (eye, lip, etc): 3 years
  • Face powder (blush, foundation, etc): 3 years
  • Primer: 2 years
  • Liquid Liner: 3 months

After the suggested expiration, makeup starts to grow bacteria and can cause a plethora of problems ranging from contributing to acne to causing eye infections. Keeping your brushes clean is just as important as washing your face daily. When you have dirty brushes, you reintroduce bacteria and germs onto your skin.

To clean your brushes:

You will need: a gentle soap (like baby soap) or a specified brush cleaner like Sonia Kashuk Brush and Sponge Cleanser (Suggested Retail: $6.69. Available at, a towel or paper towels, and 91% alcohol and a small spray bottle.

  • Run the tips of the brushes (careful not to soak the area where the bristles meet the metal) until they are wet.
  • Drop a few drops of soap or a specified brush cleaner into the palm of your hand.
  • In a circular motion, massage the cleanser into the brush. Really work the cleanser through the bristles (about 10 seconds).
  • Run the brush under warm water, rinsing the suds away.
  • Rub onto a towel (paper towel will work as well) again, in a circular motion. Be careful not to ‘pound’ the brushes into the towel, this will cause the bristles to loose their shape and/or break off.
  • Repeat these steps until the brushes leave no product behind on the towels. If product remains in the brush, repeat the first 4 steps until nothing is left behind on the towel.
  • Next, use 70% or 91% alcohol and spray it onto your brushes concentrating on the bristles.
  • Lay flat to dry. They are now clean and, because of the alcohol, sterilized.

Repeat this once per month and after any cold or illness, this will keep from spreading the germs back into your system.

To clean your makeup:

You will need: 70% or 91% alcohol, a small spray bottle, an eye/lip liner sharpener, and tissues.

  • Open all your blushes, pressed powders, shadows, cream concealers, etc. Anything that is in a container that opens in that fashion, open it up and line them up.
  • Pour the alcohol into the spray bottle.
  • Spray spray spray. Spray the alcohol right onto the powders/creams (pressed only). They will look a little scary and like you have ruined them, but the alcohol dries (and completely evaporates) quickly and will not effect the texture or quality of the product.
  • Using a tissue, wipe off all lipsticks, stick concealers, stick shadows, etc.
  • Spray them with alcohol.
  • Next, using the liner sharpener, sharpen all eyeliners, brow pencils, lip liners, etc, to a perfect point. By sharpening to a perfect point, you can be sure you are shaving off all old surfaces and germs.
  • Allow everything to dry completely before putting it away.

Voila! You're done! This is one routine that professional makeup artists use when cleaning their materials from one client to the next.

Happy Cleaning Beauties!



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Interview with Gretchen Rossi of The Real Housewives of Orange County
 Image Courtesy of:

Image Courtesy of:

If you know me, you know I am a ‘Real Housewives’ junkie and who else to be one of my favorites, but Gretchen Rossi of the Real Housewives of Orange County? She has her own makeup line called Gretchen Christine, she is stunningly beautiful, tells it like it is, and keeps us laughing. Gretchen has some great pointers for us, tells us a bit about what keeps her looking so fantastic and breaks down her daily routine.

Jennifer Kinford: What did you find was the hardest part of creating your own makeup line? Any advice for women out there who have a dream to start their own company?

Gretchen Rossi: Hardest part was all of it! Nothing that I ever thought was going to be easy was unfortunately. No matter what way you slice it starting your own company is extremely difficult and a huge commitment. However I have always had a dream of being in the beauty and fashion spaces and I was determined to make that happen, so that kept me going when things seemed so overwhelming and hard. I kept my eye on the goal and the end result, which was to create an amazing and quality make-up line that was affordable for the everyday woman! The best advice I can give is if you will you regret “not just going for it” one day, then you have to just go for it! Whatever that dream might be when you are age 90 and looking back will you regret not going after that dream. At that age nothing else matters except looking back at your life and being proud, happy, and fulfilled with your life. If you dream is to be a mother, or a wife, or have your own business, you have to just decide to go after that dream at some point. Even if you fail, at least you will never question what if? Don’t let any bank, any person, or the bullies that are fearful to go after their own dreams so they have nothing better to do than attack yours, deter you. Educate yourself in the space, find the right people, join network groups, follow your mentors, read their books etc. Just get educated as best you can and have a business plan in place. If you don’t know how to create one, then hire a professional to help you develop one and get help from the internet. In this day and age you have so many resources at your fingertips.

JK: What is your morning and/or evening beauty routine?

Gretchen: I use a great line called PCA that my make-up artist turned me onto. It does have quite a few steps but it depends what is going on with your skin. Since I live in Southern California I have a lot of pigment in my skin and so I use all the products to help fight pigmentation. I’ve just fallen in love with it. For as much as I travel for work I have found it to keep my skin in great condition, moisturized and healthy looking.

JK: What has been the most challenging part of marketing your makeup line, Gretchen Christine?

Gretchen: Honestly I have been very lucky because of the show. I have orders every single day and very loyal customers, but when you have good quality product you don’t have to market that much because the customers do it for you, by referrals and word of mouth. However I am selling exclusively on-line right now and want to move into distribution and start to get written up in the beauty magazines. That is a whole other beast that can be very expensive.

JK: What is your favorite product from your Gretchen Christine line and why?

Gretchen: Shoot! I CANNOT pick one! I have way to many pieces that I love. However, I will tell you that I never go out of the house anymore without my anti-aging foundation on, my Titilate Lip Plumper, Attract or Stare blush, and my curling lash Mascara! However I love my Golden Girl eye color Palette and which is a great piece to go from day to night! See, I can’t just name one. I have so many products I just absolutely love!

JK: We all have our own techniques that work for us, what is your favorite application secret that may be a little odd?

Gretchen: I apply my false lashes with tweezers instead of my fingers. I actually have a “how-to” video listed on my website for all those gals out there that always get so frustrated with putting eyelashes on! My ‘Celebrity’ lashes in my line are my favorite ones and really makes my eyes pop!

JK: Who, on your show Real Housewives of Orange County, do you most think wears stunning makeup?

Gretchen: I think we all do a great job with our make-up and look as best as we can because we are on camera! I get so many e-mails/twitter messages about my make-up, what I am wearing and how I do it. So I’m in the works of some video tutorials of “how-to” get the Gretchen Christine look, and also I have some publishers talking to me about doing a book about all my beauty tips and tricks. I’m just so flattered that people come to me to ask for advice!

JK: If you had to run out of the house and only grab one makeup product, what would it be? (Gretchen Christine or another line)

Gretchen: I could not do it! But I would say a foundation with a sunscreen so at least I feel like my skin looks like it has some color on it, and is protected! I don’t tan my face, I match my foundation to my tan, so without foundation I look like so white on my face compared to my body haha. Slade makes fun of me all the time! (Also, I only do airbrush tanning with my own GC solution, no tanning beds for me any longer!)

JK: What is your favorite skincare product/line and how do you keep you skin so beautiful?

Gretchen: I just started using PCA a few months back and I really like it! It keeps my skin so balanced and moisturized without being too heavy. I hate heavy moisturizers because they clog my pores and I can break out from them.

JK: As a makeup artist, I often feel like I cannot be seen without makeup. Do you feel pressured to wear makeup constantly because you have started your own makeup line?

Gretchen: Yes!!!! However I think I am more concerned about a picture being taking and ending up in the magazine that says “stars without their make-up” and then they vote that you look horrible! Hehe! However, I am bad because I find myself going out a lot without make-up on and forgetting that fans might want to take pics when they see me out. Then they post it on Facebook or Twitter! So now-a-days I try to put something on so I have a little color on my face! A little foundation, blush, lip gloss, and mascara.

JK: It must have been intimidating to enter an industry, like cosmetics, when there are so many powerhouse companies to compete against. What was your fuel to stay confident and press on?

Gretchen: The good news is that I wasn’t trying to compete with the powerhouses when I first started my company. I just knew I loved make-up and I loved to design/create new colors, palettes and ideas. This was a way I could bring quality, affordable, feel good make-up to the everyday woman! I knew once the women started to use and love the make-up, the rest would fall into place, which it has! We have some big things in store for the Gretchen Christine line, and I can only hope one day I will be one of those powerhouses! With a lot of hard work I don’t doubt we will be!

I want to say Thank You to Gretchen Rossi for working with me. I am a huge fan and this was an incredible experience. Please remember head over to  to check out Gretchen’s fantastic products, including her cosmetics!



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Wedding- Audrey- The Glynwood in Cold Spring, NY

When Bride Audrey came in for her Bridal Preview, I must say it was a truly enjoyable experience. Audrey is lady of class and spark! She is well spoken, quick witted and sweet. With a very simple look in mind, we tried a couple ideas and finally settled on a fresh face, classically winged liner and voluminously curled lashes. 

On the wedding day, Audrey and her sister were so connected that at moments, I could see them communicate without even speaking a word- only through looks. When Audrey's lovely sister sat in my chair she said "I want to look beautiful, but not more beautiful then my sister".

Audrey and her bridal party will always hold a place in my heart as one of the classiest and sweetest groups I have ever had the pleasure of working with. This joy and heart they all share can be seen in their video captured by Thomas Morlock of Vantage Point Films. Enjoy!!

Wedding- Ondria S- South Salem, NY

Makeup by Jennifer K of J.Kinford Beauty Group.

Photography by Tesora Photography

When I was introduced to Ondria by a previous bride, I knew immediately that she was a laid back and lovely client. If there is an opposite of Bridezilla, Ondria is it! The whole process was enjoyable and lovely. On the wedding day, her family was so warm and welcoming, her photographer was so pleasant and easy to chat with, they had a space set up just for me, it was an awesome morning! I couldn't say enough beautiful things- until I saw the photos by the amazing Carolyn at Tesora Photography. The love and ease that exists in these images is awe inspiring.... uplifting, joyful and peaceful.

Thank you Ondria for picking me to work with you, it was truly my honor!

Jennifer Kinford
Wedding- Angela S- Ridgefield, CT

Angela booked us about 10 months+ in advance, she said she "just KNEW she had to work with [us]!" She was upbeat and lovely from the second we spoke. Fast forward to a hot day in July, I was off to a photoshoot and had to grab something from a friend's studio at 8:30am.

I walk in and there are EYES on me... Now mind you I am about to go work a very long day in a studio so I am wearing jeans, a tee, sneakers and NO makeup!

[I walk in]... "Jennifer?!"

[Me] "Yes. You are?"

[Angela] Her face LIGHTS up and she gives me the biggest hug! "I'm Angela, your bride. I'm so excited to meet you!"

I instantly loved her :)

Then she came in for her preview months later and we just had a blast. She, Corrisa (hair stylist) and I laughed our butts off the whole time. The wedding day was easy and full of laughter. Her photographer Mike (of CT Photo Group) was so laid back and genuine. It was just a wonderful day. Thank you Angela for being just who you are and Mike for these awesome images.

Mike Evans: CT Photo Group


Jennifer Kinford
Lindsay and Ami- A Beautiful Wedding at Candlelight Farms in Sharon, CT

Last year, I was chosen by one of the most lovely women I have had the privilege to work with, to be her wedding day Makeup Artist. Lindsay was my client before I had my storefront studio and she was gracious enough to come to my home for the trial. While at my home she was gracious, kind and lovely, as my young children ran around the rest of the house and were shooed away as they spied on us.

On the wedding day, Lindsay was relaxed and just plain happy! I loved every second of working with Lindsay and her group of ladies. Thankfully, I will be working with them again this year as I do makeup for her sister-in-law's wedding! It is always an honor when ladies who were in previous weddings come back and pick us again to do their weddings.

All photos are by Alyson Hickey ( and video is by Alisa Stilwell (

Vendor Spotlight- Enza Events- Ridgefield CT

JKBG: What are your best pointers for someone who is deciding upon an Event Decorator?

Enza: There is a world of difference between a florist and and an event decorator. An Event Decorator is solely dedicated to designing an event without being distracted by the day to day duties of a florist. 



JKBG: What are some of the biggest mistakes you have seen, or do see, people making when picking their Event Decorator?

Enza: The biggest mistakes we’ve seen are having unrealistic exceptions of what your budget can afford you. We work with our clients to get them the biggest look while staying within budget. In order to do so we need to have a little free reign of whats going to work and whats not.



JKBG: What makes Enza Events unique and why are you different from other Event Decorators?

Enza: We limit the amount of events we take in on a given day to ensure the attention to detail that our clients deserve and expect. Collaborating and working closely with our clients is so important to us and what  really makes each and every event so special & unique.



JKBG: What are some of your favorite details for clients to incorporate into a wedding day?

Enza: A wedding should be a reflection of that couple, incorporating their style, personality and atmosphere they want their guests to experience. Using photos from their engagement, incorporating fun signs, personal mementos from grandma or a loved one…all great things to incorporate into your wedding day.



JKBG: Can you tell us a story about one of your favorite events and why does it resonate with you?

Enza: Well let's see….there was the fabulous wedding at Three Sixty with tables dripping in white florals and candlelit flooding the room, then there was the rustic wedding under a tent with gorgeous farm tables accented by garlands of greens and florals…..honestly i wouldn’t be able to decide lol. Every event is so different and i honestly i am so sad when they’re over:( But in this business it’s always on to the next weekend.


Enza Anastasi Sorbara

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